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My Feedlot can record data for the management of a Small to Medium Feedlot. Records information abouts [Beasts] initially Cattle but could be used for other animals. i.e Sheep etc. Consists of :- (1) Feedlot Operator details. (2) A Single Owner details, (Either Operator or Single other owner). (3) Individual Beast details with Date In/Ear Tag/Brand/Tail Tag Permit#/Breed/Age/Sex/Pen#/Days In Feedlot/Initial Value/Induction Cost/Visual Nlis Tag/Scan Nlis-Bolus Tag/5 Weighings with Date-Kgs-Gain/loss-#Days-Av.G/L-%G/L/Pen Allocations allowing up to 5 movements/Disposal Details with Date Out-Code-Consignee-Transporter/Running totals of Drugs and Feeds/Provision to record up to 12 Drugs given with Date-Dosage-Batch#-Cost. (4) Individual Drug details with Quantity/Remainder/Withholding periods both Local-ESI/Expiry Date/Sell Price/Total Cost/Category/Dosage/Date Purchased/Last Used Date. (5) Individual Grains/Feed details with Quantity/Remainder/Sell price/Total cost/Type (Solid-Liquid)Bin#/Provision to show combinations of any feed item (12 items). (6) List of Breeds/Pedigrees. i.e Hereford etc. (7) List of Drug categories. i.e Worm Control #1. (8) Beasts contained in Pens numbered 1 to 99. (9) Provision to use Pen Number to administer Drugs/Record Weights/Record disposals. Other Pen information. (10) Many inbuilt Reports both as on screen and printed hard copy. (11) Printed forms for Beast Entry/Weights/Disposals. (12) Help File with F1 Help most areas. (13) Sundry areas Set Window Colours/Create New Feedlot/Delete Demo Data/Remove Obsolete Records in database. (14) Feeding is by way of PEN# ONLY with provision of 12 items Date/Item/Quantity/Cost/Hay amount/Cost. The Total feed cost is apportioned equally between all cattle in the pen and transferred automatically to each Beast record. NOTE!!! The heart and soul of this program is the EAR TAG NUMBER which must not have duplications. When installed read the Help File, view the demo data, make some changes, when ready delete the demo data and start a new feedlot. Feedback via email appreciated.


Data pertaining to any Historical Assets/Items. Details from etc. Type New/Used/Loan/Gift. Category for grouping. Location of the Asset/Item. Model Number. Serial Number. Original Cost. Replacement Cost. Insured Value. Insurer Name. Policy Number. Disposal Details. Asset/Item Picture. Reports both Screen and Printed. Help File with F1 Help most areas.Asset/Item Picture Enlarge And Print. Set Window Display Colours.


26 Freeware Games bundled under one program selected from a menu. Each game is timed and contains 40+ solutions. Games start at a different position each time activated. No special graphics needed. Try to beat the last recorded time. 1000 points is the winner for each game. Game rules etc are in a header on each game screen.